Harbhajan Doubles Down On “Nalaayak” Kamran Akmal Over Racist ‘Sikh Joke’


Former India spinner Harbhajan Singh gave ex-Pakistan wicket-keeper batter Kamran Akmal another stern reply over the racist joke that the latter had made at Sikhs during the India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup 2024 match. Akmal’s attempt to demean India pacer Arshdeep Singh saw him become a target on social media, with Harbhajan also deciding to teach him a history lesson. Though Kamran later issued an apology, Harbhajan launched another attack at the Pakistani cricketer over his controversial remarks, calling him ‘Nalaayak’.

“Kuch bhi ho sakta hai… Dekhein last over karna Arshdeep Singh ne hai. Waise uska rhythm nahi laga. 12 bajj gaye hai (Anything can happen. The last over will be bowled by Arshdeep Singh; he hasn’t looked in a great rhythm. And It is already 12),” Akmal had said while laughing with other panellists on the show during the match.

He then issued an apology over the comments, saying: “I deeply regret my recent comments and sincerely apologise to Harbhajan Singh and the Sikh community. My words were inappropriate and disrespectful. I have the utmost respect for Sikhs all over the world and never intended to hurt anyone. I am truly sorry.”

In a video shared by ANI, Harbhajan said that only a ‘Nalaayak’ like Kamran can make such a statement. 

#WATCH | Brooklyn, New York: On former Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal’s comment over the Sikh community, former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh says “This is a very absurd statement and a very childish act that only a ‘Nalaayak’ person can do. Kamran Akmal should understand…

— ANI (@ANI) June 12, 2024

“This is a very absurd and childish statement that only a ‘Nalaayak’ can make. Kamran Akmal should understand that there is no need to say anything about anyone’s religion and make fun of it. I would like to ask Kamran Akmal – Do you know the history of Sikhs, who are Sikhs and all the work that Sikhs have done to save your community, your mothers, sisters,” Harbhajan said while speaking to ANI.

“Ask this from your ancestors, at 12 o’clock, the Sikhs used to attack Mughals and rescue your mothers and sisters, so stop talking nonsense. It is good that he understood so quickly and apologised but he should never again try to hurt any Sikh or any religion. We respect all religions, whether it is Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism or Christianity…”.

 Harbhajan Singh took another dig at former Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal over the racist joke at Sikhs made by the latter. Harbhajan called him a ‘Nalaayak’.    

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