Ed Sheeran On Not Keeping A Phone: “I Just Was Losing Real-Life Interaction”


English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran opened up on why he decided not to keep a phone since 2015 and shared that his team gives him a phone when needed, reported People. “I haven’t had a phone since 2015,” he said during the recent episode of talk show Therapuss with Jake Shane.

He revealed this when he shared his email address with the host Jake Shane in place of his number. “I don’t have a number,” he said, adding, “… that isn’t me playing you off either.”

He said that his team recently gave him a phone to use when it is needed. “I have something to like video stuff that would then go up on social media, but it’s not like an active working phone.”

Sheeran said that he decided to go without the phone in December, when he saw how many connections he still had from before he became famous.

“I had the same number from like age 15, I think, and I got famous and I had 10,000 contacts in my phone that would just… people would just text the whole time. And I was just constantly in touch with a lot of people.”

He went on to share that the stress of messaging people back and forth and sometimes not replying timely led to his phone-free policy in life.

“I feel like with phones, everyone expects you to reply, and if you don’t reply, it’s rude,” he said.

“Sometimes you’re just not in a headscape to reply, you’re busy or doing whatever but then you reply, then they reply back… and suddenly you’re in like 40 conversations at once.”

“I just was losing real-life interaction, so I got rid of my phone, I got an iPad, I moved everything onto email, which I reply to once a week,” reported People.

 He revealed this when he shared his email address with the host Jake Shane in place of his number    

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