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Saturn is known as Shani in Indian astrology. He is the strict taskmaster who teaches us lessons and gives karmic tests. Saturn may appear to be cruel, but its purpose is to guide our souls’ growth by removing all that is fake and unnecessary. Saturn symbolises the journey of life—the highs and lows, the struggles and triumphs, the lessons to learn if one has to complete his or her karmas or the destiny that one has to fulfil.

Finding Your Life’s Calling

But what does the term ‘life purpose’ really mean? It is the special purpose, the reason for being alive, the special purpose that you are supposed to fulfil in this world during your lifetime.It is the path that will give you the most satisfaction and, at the same time, contribute to the welfare of everyone.
For some, their purpose may be to be ideal parents or teachers. For others,it may be a creative outlet in the form of painting or singing. It could be fighting for a cause or being a good person and doing the right thing every day.
It is so because every soul is different, and the opportunities are limitless! Your unique combination of attributes, traits, skills, and interests defines your life calling. However, finding one’s purpose in this life is not always an easy task, and that is where the lessons of Saturn come in.

The Saturn Return

An important astrological phenomenon associated with the revelation of one’s life purpose is the “Saturn Return”. This occurs at intervals of 28-30 years when Saturn returns to the same zodiac sign that was in place at the time of birth. Saturn return is the second stage of the zodiac cycle, which occurs when a person is approximately 28 to 30 years old. During this period, one is challenged to rethink the principles of life, obligations, and personal identity.
This is seen as a chaotic yet fruitful period, as Saturn destroys structures and deceptions so that you can start over with a clearer vision. You may face ordeals or difficulties that compel you to grow up and be realistic, disciplined, and organised to build the future.
The second Saturn return at the age of 58-60 is considered a major wakeup call where one decides whether one has lived a purposeful life or has been a fraud. The people who responded to Saturn’s appeal enjoy their later years in a state of completeness. Those who did not may sadly go on to experience a sense of aimlessness and confusion about the meaning of life. Between the two Saturn return phases, Saturn makes aspects to its natal placement, which also triggers cycles for reflection and change when necessary.

Saturn’s Nakshatras and Life Purpose

Another way that Saturn shows life’s purpose is through the nakshatra or the lunar constellation, which is how Saturn passed at the time of birth. For example, if Saturn is placed in Rohini nakshatra, symbolised by a wheel or a chariot, your dharma or life’s purpose could be related to movement, travel, or being a pioneer in a certain direction.
If Saturn is placed in Ashwini, represented by a horse head, you may get a sense of purpose towards those professions that involve competition or those that demand a lot of energy and quick actions. Saturn in Jyeshta nakshatra is represented by an earring or embellished tail, and these people may have an artistic or refined purpose where the beauty of details is manifested.

Embracing Your Saturn Lessons

Saturn always reminds you that nothing good comes easy in life through the challenges it brings. It is the planet of hard work, discipline, and structure, and it tells you that no matter what is holding you back—be it procrastination, laziness, or lack of commitment—you need to get down to business and do the work even if it is the last thing you want to do. Those who take the easier way out are stunting their development.
As much as one may have grand visions, they will amount to nothing if there is no implementation strategy. Saturn is here to tell you to be patient, realistic, and not hurried through the necessary process to achieve something stable and lasting. It is better to be slow and steady rather than be impulsive and enthusiastic at times. The best thing to do is to be patient and not rush getting a job or a promotion.
Honesty, punctuality, and readiness to work hard are the “Saturn values” that people need to embrace if they want to achieve something significant with their calling. You have to be responsible for your actions and decisions and a role model for what you preach. It is important not to compromise or lie because, in the long run, it will only hinder your progress.
Pride, conceit, and obsession with physical possessions are the vices that Saturn removes from you to make you realise what is important. This is because you are so engrossed with pride, fame, or outward appearance that you cannot nurture the light within you and live a humble life in harmony with your spirit.
Often, Saturn puts you in a position where you have to make crucial decisions on your path in life – to take a job or not, to marry or stay single, to continue in a career or change it. These decisions should not be made lightly because they determine the course of your future and, consequently, your potential to fulfil your highest calling. In these choice points, do not act impulsively but take time and think critically about your vision and values. Reflect, consult, and decide intentionally instead of going with the flow.

Clearing Karmic Blocks

Saturn also challenges us and the generations that come before and after us to overcome the karmic issues hindering our dharma.
Maybe you never had love or emotional care from your parents, or they were too damaged by their pain and shortcomings to provide it – this became a toxic script that was written unconsciously in your childhood. Now, it is expressed in your adult relationships.
Or you deal with lower desires such as lust, greed, selfishness, anger or any form of addiction that gives rise to negative karmic impressions and hitches in your life journey if not addressed.
Saturn assists in revealing the truth of your deepest wounds and karmic patterns so that you can understand how they began and choose different paths that align with your soul instead of repeating patterns that lead to suffering.
This may be uncomfortable, but it liberates you from chains and allows you to be more authentic. Be willing to face the things that need to be healed and do so with courage.

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