AI detects unusual variation in students’ theory and practical marks, CBSE alerts schools, orders re-evaluation of their internal assessment process – Times of India


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has observed discrepancies in theory and practical marks for certain subjects in recent years. AI tools identified these discrepancies in 50% or more students across approximately 500 schools affiliated with CBSE. In response, CBSE has instructed these schools to ensure the accurate evaluation of practical exams.They have issued a directive advising schools to reassess their internal assessment procedures and establish a more reliable and transparent system.
In the official advisory issued today, CBSE announced that they have “detected, through advanced AI tools, a significant variation between theory and practical marks in certain subjects among 50% or more students in about 500 CBSE-affiliated schools, based on past years’ result statistics.”
They also mentioned that this discrepancy underscores the necessity for “meticulous assessment during practical examinations in schools.”
Hence the CBSE advisory directed schools to revisit and introspect their internal assessment procedures. “Consequently, the Board has issued an advisory to such schools to review their internal assessment procedures. The aim is to implement a more robust, transparent, and reliable mechanism to ensure that the assessment process is realistic and adds substantial value to the students’ academic journey,” reads the official notice.
In recent years, mark inflation has become a significant problem. Both the pass rates and the number of students scoring above 90 per cent in their Class 10 and 12 Board exams have risen in multiple state boards. This trend has intensified competition for college admissions.

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