BCCI AGM: Guest players only to get match fee, no extra sum

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in its annual general body meeting (AGM) held in Goa has decided to end the practice of state associations paying extra sum to its guest players. Instead those players who turn professional and play for other member units will pocket only their match fee like any other domestic cricketer.

The decision was agreed upon by the state units during the AGM on Monday. However, it is not clear whether the rule will be implemented from this season onwards or not. As per rule, each state association can hire three guest (professional) players. And ever since the number of teams increased to 38, some of the state units have being pay additional sum to go with the match fees to lure professional players.

“There was a discussion on it and it was agreed that the BCCI should put an end to it. Henceforth, states can hire guest players but they can’t pay extra besides match fees,” a member, who attended the BCCI meet said.

Many former India cricketers, who are at the end of their career, try to switch to other states as they are offered lucrative money annually. The BCCI decision will hamper more than 100 cricketers across India.

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Meanwhile, in another decision, the BCCI has decided to increase annual gratis to Rs 100 crore per annum whereas north-east state association will be getting 12.5 crore annually and Pondicherry will be getting 17.5 crore to run their cricket across their state.

The BCCI has urged members to spend 85% percent of subsidy money on running of cricket and building more infrastructure instead of keeping money in form of bank deposits. The BCCI coffers have once again got bigger compared to last season. The Indian board earned RS 6,558 crore in the financial year of 2022-23 which is an increase of Rs 2198.23 crore compared to the last financial year. The BCCI AGM extended the tenure of their Ombudsman and Ethics officer Justice Vineet Saran.

Meanwhile, the BCCI has also informed the ethics officer to explore the possibility of collecting a deposit sum from those who file a complaint against BCCI or state association members. According to members, many complaints are being filed without any substantial proof, thus wasting the time of the ombudsman and the BCCI. To stop people from misusing it, the members felt BCCI should put a money cap with each complaint. If the complaint is found to be true, the money deposit will be returned.

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