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NEW DELHI: The Hangzhou Asian Games 2023 are poised to make history on multiple fronts, with a record-breaking number of athletes, unique medal designs, and opportunities for Olympic hopefuls.
11,970 athletes from 45 NOCs compete
A total of 11,970 athletes representing 45 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have converged on Hangzhou, marking the largest athlete turnout in Asian Games history. This grand assembly promises to deliver thrilling competition across various sports.
Medal design inspired by liangzhu culture
The medals at the Games are not just tokens of victory but also works of art. Inspired by the Neolithic Liangzhu culture, believed to have emerged in the Hangzhou area some 5,300 years ago, the medal designs draw inspiration from ritual jade objects found in the region and the natural beauty of Hangzhou itself.

China leads with 3,189 Medals
China, a powerhouse in Asian sports, leads the medal tally with an astonishing 3,189 medals since their debut in the Games back in 1974. This remarkable achievement firmly places China as the top-performing country in the history of the Asian Games. Japan, South Korea, Iran, and India follow in the medal rankings.
DPR Korea returns with 185 Athletes
The Hangzhou Asian Games mark a significant moment as DPR Korea returns to a major international sporting event. The NOC’s athletes, numbering 185, are back in action after their last appearance at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, where they secured an impressive 12 gold medals.
Republic of Korea dominates in Archery
In the world of archery, the Republic of Korea has proven itself as the undisputed powerhouse, securing an astounding 42 gold medals since the sport’s introduction in 1978. Their consistent success showcases their mastery of this discipline.
Japan’s remarkable streak continues
Japan stands alone as the only NOC to have achieved the feat of winning more than 20 gold medals at every edition of the Asian Games. This remarkable consistency highlights their excellence in multi-sport competition.
Paris 2024 qualifying events
Hangzhou is not just a stage for Asian Games glory; it’s also a stepping stone to the grandest sporting event of all – the Paris 2024 Olympics. Nine sports – archery, artistic swimming, boxing, breaking, hockey, modern pentathlon, sailing, tennis, and water polo – will serve as qualifiers, offering quota spots to aspiring Olympians.
(Stats courtesy – Hangzhou Media Online)

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