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NEW DELHI: Shaheen Shah Afridi might have wreaked havoc with the wickets of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli in his first spell during the Asia Cup group match last Saturday but former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar believes Indian batters had no problem whatsoever in tackling Pakistan pacer’s full-length balls.
“Actually, the match between India and Pakistan was a very interesting clash between Shaheen Afridi versus India’s 1, 2, and 3.Gill, Rohit, and Virat. The opening phase had two spells; in the first spell before the rain had come, he was bowling typical Shaheen Afridi kind of deliveries. He was bowling further up the pitch, trying to get the ball to swing inwards, and that length was being played very well by Shubhman Gill and Rohit Sharma,” Manjrekar said on Star Sports.

Asia Cup: India open their 'Super 4' campaign vs Pakistan


Asia Cup: India open their ‘Super 4’ campaign vs Pakistan

The former batter Manjrekar opined that India failed to read him when he pulled his length back after the rain break that triggered the collapse.
“After that, the rain happened, and Waqar Younis, who was in commentary with me, said that he should pull his length a bit back; it should be a little short. And after the rain, someone must have spoken to Shaheen Afridi, and after the break, he brought his length back and in that length, the good length, Rohit Sharma got out, and so did Virat. So it wasn’t the typical Shaheen Afridi kind of delivery that troubled the Indian batters, but the shorter length, meaning the movement from the pitch made them out,” he added.

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Manjrekar said India need to prepare for Afridi’s good length deliveries for their Asia Cup Super Four match in Colombo on Sunday.
“They need to prepare for these kinds of deliveries as well, but for the main swinging delivery of Shaheen Afridi, the good news was that both Rohit Sharma and Shubhman Gill weren’t phased by that,” Manjrekar concluded.

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