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NEW DELHI: Former West Indies skipper Kieron Pollard expressed strong disapproval of the inaugural red card handed to his team, Trinbago Knight Riders, in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), deeming it “absolutely ridiculous.”
In a match against St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, Trinbago was compelled to play with just 10 players, with merely two outside the 30-yard circle, during their final bowling over due to a tardy over-rate.

The CPL introduced the red card as part of their efforts to expedite sluggish over-rates.

Pollard initially had to position an additional fielder inside the ring for the 18th over and subsequently another had to be pulled in from the boundary during the penultimate over, resulting in only three outfield players.
Despite these measures, Trinbago remained behind the required scoring rate entering the final over. Spinner Sunil Narine had to leave the field as a consequence of these circumstances.

“To be honest, it will take away the hard work everyone has done,” Pollard said.
“We are like the pawns and we are going to do what we are told.
“We are going to play as fast as we can. If you are penalised for 30-45 seconds in a tournament like this, it is absolutely ridiculous.”


Despite the final over of the Patriots’ innings costing Trinbago’s Dwayne Bravo 18 runs, it did not prove crucial.
Pollard, Nicholas Pooran and Andre Russell made short work of a 179-run target with 17 balls spare.
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