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NEW DELHI: Having triumphed over numerous obstacles throughout his illustrious career spanning 15 years, Virat Kohli is all set for his next challenge — the ICC World Cup 2023, which takes place in India in October-November.
Sharing his excitement over the quadrennial extravaganza, Kohli said he is looking forward to the marquee tournament, acknowledging the pressure of expectations from the home fans.
“Any challenge in front of you, you look forward to it. When difficulty comes in front of you get excited. You don’t shy away from it. After 15 years I still like encounters, and the World Cup 2023 is one (challenge). It excites me, I need something new to, you know, propel me to another level,” said Kohli at a promotional.
Kohli did not deny that there is pressure of expectations on him and the team. But Kohli reminded everyone that no one wants to win the World Cup more than the players themselves.

“The pressure is always there. The fans always say we want (the team) to win a cup very badly. I’d like to say not more than me. So, I’m in the right place. Honestly, I know the expectations are there and the emotions of the people are there. But please know that no one wants to win more than players,” he said.
Kohli, though, is no stranger to winning a World Cup. He had led India to the ICC U-19 World Cup victory back in 2008 and he was also part of the MS Dhoni-led India side that triumphed in the 2011 50-over World Cup at home.
My career highlight ïs obviously winning the World Cup in 2011. I was 23 at the time, and I probably didn’t understand the magnitude of it. But now at 34, and has played many World Cups, which we haven’t been able to win, So,I understand the emotions of all the senior players (in 2011).
“All the more for Sachin Tendulkar, as it was his last World Cup. He had already played many World Cups by then and to win it in Mumbai, his hometown, was very special for him. I mean, it was stuff from dreams,” said Kohli.
Kohli also remembered the pressure piled on players ahead and during the 2011 World Cup.
“I remember the amount of pressure there was on all the players when we were travelling, Thankfully, there was no social media back then. It would have been a nightmare, honestly. But through the airports, it was always just one thing — we need to win the Cup,” he said.
“The senior players were always under the pump and to handle all that pressure. It was just brilliant. And that night (after the WC win) in itself was something magical,” he added.
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