Watch: Ricky Ponting’s fiery speech ahead of Delhi Capital’s first training session

“Attitude, effort, commitment, care are things that we work off here at the Delhi Capitals,” said Ponting.

“Firstly, I just wanted to say how excited I am to be back. As a coach, like Hopesy (James Hope), like Saurav (Ganguly), Pravin (Amre), like the fielding coaches and our job is to make you guys better every day.

“I know If I am a coach, and I can improve you every single day then what’s going to happen to the team performance? They are gonna get better and better, right.”

Ponting’s advice to the players is to take it an easy approach and enjoy their stint with the Delhi Capitals.

“We are gonna take a nice, slow, steady, relaxed approach. Let’s have a lot of fun, let’s enjoy ourselves because this group of players, although all the players aren’t gere right now, this group of players and this group of support staff, in 8,9,10 weeks, we mught not get to do this again together,” he said.

“And I’ll want to enjoy every single moment and opportunity I can with this group of players, to try and bring the ultimate success to you as an individual, and ultimate success to this franchise.

“This franchise over the last five years has won more games of cricket than any other team in the IPL.

“This is your team, we’re all here together. This is our team, we’re as one we are like one big family. And in everything we do, we treat each other with respect and care like we treat our family members.

“We are going to find a way to be better than any other team in the tournament. If we are really close and tight for the next 8 or 9 weeks, we’re gonna win a lot more games than we lose.

“Make sure when you leave, you’ve got everything, ticked every box that you need to.”

Delhi Capitals will take on Lucknow Super Giants on April 1.

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