Watch: Tim Paine’s 94-year-old grandmother watches him play farewell game

Former Australia captain Tim Paine bid a quiet adieu to first-class cricket after the game between Tasmania and Queensland which ended in a fraw in the Sheffield Shield. With this Paine drew the curatins to his 18-year career.

Paine, 38, did not made any public announcement and Tasmania captain Jordan Silk confirmed that Paine was ending his first-class career.

“He’s been a phenomenal player,” Silk was quoted as saying by Cricinfo.

“I think it’s around 22 years of professional cricket. It’s an incredible effort to have the longevity that he’s had. He’s certainly going to be missed behind the stumps. I certainly won’t play, I’m sure a lot of guys who are playing now will say that there will never be another keeper as good as Tim Paine in Australia. So we’ve been incredibly blessed down here. And we wish him all the best in whatever he chooses going forward,” he said.

“Considering his age the level of the standard of keeping and he’s still been able to generate has been really incredible,” Silk said. “He’s always someone that you know is doing the work behind the scenes. I think he sets a great example for work ethic and all that sort of stuff for all of our guys,” he added.

Paine played 154 first-class matches including 35 Tests and 95 Sheffield Shield appearances for Tasmania.

In a heartwarming moment his 94-year-old grandmother, who gave him his first kits, came to watch him play.

Born in 1984 Paine was a right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper who has represented Australia in all formats of the game. He made his international debut in 2010 and has since then become an integral part of the Australian cricket team.

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