‘Should I tell everyone what you said?’: Watch Shoaib Akhtar recalls a funny incident with Harbhajan Singh

Former Pakistan spearhead Shoaib Akhtar recalled a funny incident from the past with former India spinner Harbhajan Singh during the ongoing Legends League Cricket in Doha.

In a video posted on his Youtube channel, Akhtar and Harbhajan enjoy a hilarious moment as they look back at times when playing for their countries.

Sharing an incident from the Faisalabad Test during India’s tour of Pakistan in the 2005-06 season, the Pakistan legend revealed the spinner’s reaction after he was hit for two massive sixes during the first innings of the game.

Watch video:

“He was bowling so good in Faisalabad, then I hit him for two sixes!”

To which, Harbhajan replied, “I didn’t say anything to you when you hit those two sixes. But when I hit a six against you, you said so many things!”

“Should I tell everyone what you said? The Indian spinner’s answer to Akhtar’s retort, “You actually began it,” was frank: “I didn’t start. How can he hit a six against me? He just got mad!

Akhtar then jokingly hit Harbhajan, to which Akhtar responded, “When he can’t win with words, he starts hitting others.”

Meanwhile, the India Maharajas and Asia Lions will lock horns tonight for the third time this season to secure a place in the final of the tournament

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