Cristiano Ronaldo cuts a furious figure in Kings Cup: Vents ire on referee, unhappy after being substituted

Cristiano Ronaldo failed to score for the third time in a row even as Al-Nassr beat Abha to qualify for the semi-finals of the King Cup of Champions.

Al Nassr beat Abha by a margin of 3-1, and it was a deserved result for the hosts, who dominated proceedings right from the word go.

It took them only 10 seconds to score, and two more goals in the 20th minute and 49th minute propelled them to victory.

However, their skipper had an outing to forget as he produced occasional moments of brilliance in an otherwise disappointing performance.

Several times Ronaldo cut a sorry figure and often quarreled with the referee.

Toward the end of the first half, he kicked the ball in frustration when the official blew for half-time.

He did not look pleased when he was finally substituted in the 87th minute.

His performance drew sharp reactions in the world of social media.

“Cristiano Ronaldo. Relax. You are overthinking the way in which you could get your goals. Keep it simple. The players can supply you with chances. Just remain calm and play. It’ll come”, wrote one.

‘Waiting desperately for Ronaldo to score tonight Come On Goat’, wrote another.

Anothe fan pointed out that Al Nassr players need to come with the goods for the maestro. “The players do need to look for Cristiano Ronaldo in better positions. The pass selection has been poor@the past few games. You’re meant to feed your striker. If you want success, you can’t be crossing the ball when a through ball would have been better.”

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