Isa Guha credits late Shane Warne for helping her find her feet in male-dominated commentary box

Former woman fast bowler and current cricket commentator Isa Guha paid tribute and thanked the late Shane Warne for helping her find her feet in a male-dominated commentary box.

Guha has been a regular commentator since 2018 but recently said how she had initially struggled to cope with expectations.

“Shane Warne had a particularly big influence on me. Not that other amazing cricketers didn’t, but for me, he was significant in that he was so well-respected, that as soon as I had his respect I felt I had everyone else’s,” Guha told News Corp. “Naturally, there will be people that can’t understand why you’re there or see you as a token.”

Talking to Fox Sports, Guha said, “Coming into the commentary box, I could have felt quite intimidated being around someone like Shane Warne. But he showed tremendous respect. He always had that loyalty and generosity, and that just gave me tremendous confidence in the commentary box.”

Warne passed away last year on March 4. Autopsy revealed that he died of natural causes

Guha also spoke about how she handled abuse on social media.

“I can handle constructive criticism, but some of it was just downright brutal – for just existing as a female voice in the commentary box,” she said.

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