Scorpio Horoscope, 5 March 2023:You have worked hard consistently and that is finally rewarding you now. – Times of India

Scorpio Horoscope, 3 March, 2023 looks like you will be having unmetered excitement in yourself today. Try to calm it down and be happy in a nonchalant manner. Your lucky color for the day is silver and seventy-six is your lucky number for today. To uncover all the mysteries of the day read the full horoscope below.
Positive– Ganesha says you are going to achieve new heights in your profession which will make all the toil and trouble of the past understandable to you today.
Negative– You feel like you are at a spot which marks the end of an era and it would fill you with nostalgia.
Lucky color– Silver
Lucky number– 76
Love– You are comfortable and secure with your partner currently and are still exploring a lot about each other today.
Business– You will have huge positive news today when it comes to business and it would be all worth your hard work up till now.
Health– You will have unmetered excitement in you today. Try to calm it down and be happy in a nonchalant manner.

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