Sagittarius Horoscope, 4 March 2023: Positive energy will be felt all around you. – Times of India

Your productive will increase today but avoid arguing if you can. This is good for your finance as you will receive long-overdue money. Your mental and physical health might get affected today and don’t take it lightly. Your lucky color is purple and lucky number is 6.
Positive: Ganesha says you’ll have luck today. Today you’ll have a very productive day. You can receive praise from your supervisor at work and a pay raise. Positive energy will be felt all around you.
Negative: Some people might block your path. You need to relax yourself because your fury will be at its peak. Avoid arguing if you can. We don’t recommend that you drive vast distances today.
Lucky Color: Purple
Lucky Number: 6
Love: With you today, your significant other will be overjoyed. Today, make an effort to make your spouse feel at ease and attempt to communicate effectively because doing so could allow you to forge closer ties.
Business: Profit will be higher than anticipated in business. You will receive the long-overdue money that you have been waiting so long to receive. Today will be a wonderful day for your finances.
Health: You may feel anxious today due to your health. Probably, you’ll experience stomach pain. Both your eating and resting must be attended to.

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