Mayhem. Not upto Test standards: Waugh, Clarke, Hayden slam the pitch

Former Aussie Test captain Michael Clarke has called the Indore pitch “crap”, according to Fox sports.

“What is this pitch we’re playing on,” he told Sky Sports Radio.

“For me, it’s the puff and dust that’s being picked up from either the quicks or the spinners. It shows it’s only going to get worse. It’s like a Day 3 pitch on Day 1 in India.

“You don’t want to see that. India could have been bowled out for 70.”

Mark Waugh said on Fox Cricket during the day’s play the pitch was “Not up to Test standard.”

“That was mayhem. The pitch is not up to Test standard. The ball going through the top within the first 20 minutes of the Test match. That’s not good enough,” Waugh told Fox.

“If the ball is going through the top in the first 20 minutes of a Test match off the main part of the pitch, that’s going to show the pitch is not up to Test standard.

“That’s the main part of the pitch on middle stump. That’s just not a pitch up to Test standard. That’s not good enough. It doesn’t matter how good a player you are, you’re going to need to get luck.”

Waugh said the farcical thing about the pitch prepared in Indore is that it is so radical it doesn’t help India, as per Fox.

“That surface does not favour India because it’s just luck involved. India are dominant on a pitch like we saw in the first two Tests. Where it suits the spinners, but as a batsman you can play on it.

Matthew Hayden was even more scathing as per Fox.

“This is why I’ve got a problem with these conditions. There’s no way in the world that a spin bowler should come on in the sixth over,” Hayden said on Fox Cricket.

“4.8 degrees, that’s massive turn. That’s the sort of turn you’d expect day three. You’ve got to give batters a chance … Day one, day two should be about batting
But Hayden said “it shouldn’t be keeping low and turning a mile on day one”.

“Forget the result, don’t worry about if Australia win or lose or India win or lose, it shouldn’t be like that in Test match cricket,” he added.

Although Hayden conceded it was “entertaining cricket”, the pitch looked much older than a pitch just over an hour into a Test match.

“My point is that the Test should not be moving along this quickly,” Hayden said.
You’re allowed to have a four, five day Test match. Otherwise call it what it is and we’ll just play three-dayers.

“The game moving at this pace, you feel sorry for the fans who try and work out what their tickets are going to be on day four.”

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