Leo Horoscope, 3 March 2023: You can show your love for your partner by going on a romantic date together. – Times of India

Take a hold on your money spending habit, limit unnecessary spending. Stock market could be risky today. Your work performance might diminish today but its okay for now. Start eating healthy and vitamins are suggested today. Health is wealth.
Positive: Ganesha says today will present you with fantastic travel opportunities. You might run into an old buddy today, which would make you pleased. Soon, you may decide to take a trip with your partner, which might make the experience memorable.
Negative: You just need to be careful with your money; spend wisely and limit unnecessary spending. Avoid investing money in the stock market right now since doing so could cost you money.
Lucky Color: Red
Lucky Number: 11
Love: You can show your love for your partner by going on a romantic date together or by making small, everyday gestures, like waking them early with coffee and breakfast. Perhaps you two will soon be making travel plans. Those of you who are unmarried may soon get married.
Business: You should maintain your composure because today’s performance at work has been poor. Minor misunderstandings have the potential to become ugly. In addition, you ought to look for new opportunities where your talent and labor of love will be compensated with a respectable wage.
Health: Even if today is an excellent day for your wellbeing, it’s still beneficial to eat healthily and exercise. For the sake of your health, you might want to think about taking vitamins.

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