Goal celebrations in added time to keep football at 90 minutes; relook at offside

A rule will come into force, from 30 June, that will include goal celebrations in added time, according to Marca sports. “In other words, not to allow those parties that are held on the pitch and that go beyond a minute or a minute and a half. The world of football needs fewer time-outs and FIFA is concerned about this,” Marca wrote.

Football being played with a stopped clock, i.e. with a set time and rules that allow no room for time wasting might be drawn up and are on the table, as per Marca. They are due to be studied and debated at next weekend’s IFAB meeting in London.

“The debate was opened by Gianni Infantino in the face of clamorous time-wasting and the FIFA president wants to curb what he sees as a blight on modern football. The measures to be adopted will not be immediate, but they are already on the table and it is no surprise that from 2024 football matches will no longer be 90 minutes long,” the piece further stated.

Offside rule relook? 

Offside as we know it is about to change too.

The theory of benefiting the striker on the offside issue has already been discussed at previous IFAB (FIFA’s refereeing body) meetings Marca noted. “Arsene Wenger, FIFA’s director of football development, is one of those in favour of the change and suggests that the striker should be enabled with the last part of his body in line with the defender, making it possible for him to be in front of the defender, but with part of his body in line. For the moment, it is under review.”

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