Taurus Horoscope, 2 March 2023: One of your hobbies will prove to be your save and grace – Times of India

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work but don’t forget to take time for your friends. Your lucky number for the day is six and red will be your lucky color for the day. Prioritize your health and the rest comes later.
Positive– Ganesha says you have been giving importance to your art and it is slowly becoming your priority today. Indulging in the same can give you unexpected joy.
Negative– You are neglecting and forgetting little details about what your friends might be going through. Carve out time for them and lend them a sympathetic ear.
Lucky color– Red
Lucky number– 6
Love– You are exploring the pool out today and it won’t be anything exciting or hopeful. Don’t let it discourage you and try again tomorrow.
Business– You are finally getting out of the pressure stage and today can fully enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
Health– You are taking better care of your appearance. Take similar good care of your health as well today.

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