Pisces Horoscope, 1 March 2023: You will feel nurturing and empathetic today – Times of India

Practice forgiveness and self-compassion to heal your mental health. Your lucky number for the day is two and silver is your lucky color for the day. You will feel in tune with your love interest and your emotional connection will deepen with time.
Positive: Ganesha says you will feel nurturing and empathetic today. Your emotional intelligence and sensitivity will help you connect with others.
Negative: You may be prone to mood swings and find it hard to let go of past hurts. Practice forgiveness and self-compassion.
Lucky Color: Silver
Lucky Number: 2
Love: Your emotional connection with your partner may deepen, and you may feel more in tune with each other.
Business: Your empathy and nurturing skills may lead to new business opportunities and success.
Health: You may feel emotionally sensitive, so prioritize self-care and connecting with supportive loved ones.

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