Aries Horoscope, 2 March 2023: You might be taking a backseat to your life’s ride – Times of India

Try eating heathier for better physical and mental health. The lucky color of the day for you is blue and the lucky number is eighty eight for today. You may have a lighter mindset for today as the work load will not be much professionally you will be going with the flow.
Positive– Ganesha says you have tried hard enough to bring your life to a stage that it is. Today, you are going with the flow and not stressing out or taking action.
Negative– You might miss out on a big opportunity coming your way today. Refrain from worrying about it as it will be yours if it was meant to be so.
Lucky color– Blue
Lucky number– 88
Love– You have been spending a lot of time with your family and today would be no different. Take their advice on things you feel stuck on today.
Business- Your workload has lessened quite a bit and today you would have a lighter mindset professionally.
Health– You need to start eating better today if you want to maintain good health. Balanced diet is the key to staying fit and fine.

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