Floyd Mayweather fails to knock out reality TV star Aaron Chalmers at near-empty O2 Arena in exhibition bout

Floyd Mayweather’s much-awaited UK debut failed to attract a crowd as his exhibition bout with Aaron Chalmers took place at a near-empty O2 Arena in an exhibition bout.

According to The Sun, “The entire top tier of the 20,000-seat arena was shut off.”

Despite regular ticket prices the fans were not convinced to attend the event. The discounted price also failed to attract a crowd. Even the event’s live stream was delayed by half an hour.

However, after the match Mayweather called UK fans ‘unbelievable’.

“I would like to thank all the fans in the UK. The fans are unbelievable,” he said.

“This guy is tough as nails, we had a chance to come together. I came to entertain the people and I’m glad I came.”

“I have a lot of experience. He has to continue to work hard and believe in himself. He’s got a tough chin – anything is possible.”

Chalmers, meanwhile, said that his experience would be one to tell the “grandkids.”

“He caught us clean on the chin in the second round and it did wake me up a lot, but he’s just unbelievable. That’s one to tell the grandkids,” he said.

“We got as many sparring partners in but you can’t get anyone in to do what Floyd does. The win for me was to get to the eighth round and that’s what I did. Thanks for Floyd and his team I’m now in the mix for KSI and Jake Paul.”

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