‘Sakreen nahi hota, screen hota hai’: Watch Shoaib Akhtar mock Kamran Akmal on live TV

In a video that has surfaced on social media, former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar can be seen mocking compatriot Kmaran Akmal on live TV.

Akhtar, who was talking to the host of a show on Pakistan’s ARY News, first praised Akmal. He said, “Kami is our match winner…he must be listening to this…he has played really well for Pakistan.”

Later, mocking Akmal’s accent, Akhtar said, “mai sun raha tha, ye bhi keh raha tha sakreen…sakreen ni hota hai screen hota hai (I heard him speak, he was saying ‘sakreen’…it’s screen and not sakreen)”

“You have to note these things, my intention was not to belittle Babar… he is a brand face…I want him to look that way,” he added.

“Babar is as big a player as Virat Kohli, if you see Virat’s video…he speaks fluently,” the 47-year-old said.

While in another show, Kamran also took a dig at Shoaib and said, “Jitne Babar ad kar rha hai, utne Shoaib Bhai bhi nhi kar rhe honge.” (The number of advertisement Babar is doing these days, I am sure Shoaib (Akhtar) must not be doing as many.)

He is our captain. The world knows him and he’s world’s number 1 player. He’s becoming better in speaking, media handling and everything he’s getting is due to the cricket he is playing. He’s doing fine there.”

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