‘Don’t get too overboard’: Harbhajan Singh on Venkatesh Prasad vs Aakash Chopra spat over KL Rahul

Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has questioned former cricketers Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra on what they would have done if they were in the position of KL Rahul.

“If any player does not do well the first to feel bad are the player himself and his family. We all love those cricketers. If you are loving those cricketers then your anger is evident. But don’t get too overboard so that the player’s mentality can be damaged,” Harbhajan said in a video on his YouTube channel.

KL Rahul is struggling with form in recent times and Prasad has been an active advocate of dropping the player while Chopra came to Rahul’s rescue. “If you were in the place of KL Rahul what would you have done? Do you think he is not trying to score runs? He has been a terrific player for India and he will come good,” Harbhajan said speaking on his channel.

Prasad and Chopra have been having heated arguments on social media about Rahul’s merit as a player on the side with Suhubman Gill warming the bench. Harbhajan said “We are all giving our opinions on social media it is alright as it is our opinion but just don’t go after him. He is also human he is trying to do well. You who have been players I request you all try and see this from that perspective.”

The off-spinner himself got involved in the issue recently on Twitter and asked the duo to stop the argument.

Harbhajan also requested fans not to be too critical of the player, “If the cricketer is not performing he himself will make way for the other cricketer. Please do give time to KL Rahul he is our own player. We need to respect our players if we cannot do it how will it work?”

Harbhajan also questioned which player has not gone through a rough patch in his career, “Show me one player since the time of Gavaskar sir, even before his time and even today. Is there any player who has not gone through a rough phase where he either has not scored runs or picked up wickets? In these phases, player himself needs to understand what is going wrong and what he needs to do to show for same talent and skills again.”

“My suggestion is- during these times instead of criticizing them let us support him which will be good for him and us too as his admirers..,” he added.

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