‘Is this a press conference? You are allowed to ask one question, ok?’: Mark Waugh snaps at Dinesh Karthik

The on-air banter between Dinesh Karthik and Mark Waugh took a short turn for the worse before recovering on day 3 on Star Sports.

It started with Waugh being unhappy with the fields set by Pat Cummins. He didn’t like a deep point for Cheteshwar Pujara and suggested he would have that man in and pack the off-side cordon.

Enter Dinesh Karthik. In a snappy tone, Karthik attempted to quiz Mark Waugh. “So you are unhappy with the field. There is nobody for Rohit Sharma, you are okay with that. Would you do the same as a captain?”

Mark Waugh went, “ I am not talking about Rohit Sharma, he is a completely different player DK.”

“… We have obviously think different.. but I want to pack that off side for Pujara, think there is a big chance of getting, squeezing one there,” Waugh said. “I want to pack that offside, have my point up., have the catching cover stay there.. reasonable field.”

Karthik didn’t let it go. “Really, you don’t think he would have found the trap in that one. He had time.”

Perhaps it was his tone that put Waugh off and he blurted out in an apparent annoyed voice.

“I didn’t know this was a press conference. You are going to get one question per session, right?”

And Sanjay Manjrekar intervened .. “Ok I am going to step in here,” and read out the score. Next over, calmness seemed to prevail.

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