‘They wanted me to run the Hyderabad Cricket Association the way they wanted to’: Azharuddin hits out at detractors | Cricket News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: Former Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) president Mohammad Azharuddin on Wednesday welcomed the Supreme Court decision to appoint a one-man committee to oversee the election process in the cricket body.
“The court has taken the right decision by appointing Justice (retd) L Nageswara Rao as it will be good for HCA. But I cannot understand why these people (opponents) are happy? I have done nothing wrong. In fact, these people should now be worried. They will be under scrutiny as they are the ones facing corruption charges,” Azhar told ToI.
Stung by the remarks against him, Azhar hit back at former HCA office-bearers N Shivlal Yadav, Arshad Ayub, G Vinod, and K John Manoj, among others. “What they have done all these years everyone knows. Shivlal, Arshad and Vinod cannot come into the association or the board as they have finished their terms. What have these people done for Hyderabad cricket? Am I involved in the ACB cases? Have I done anything wrong in the association? I have only tried my best to clear up the mess created by these gentlemen,” he said.
“The only thing Shivlal has done is to build the stadium but it is still not complete. I had to correct so many things to ensure that we got international matches. If I were not there, we would not have any matches. I have used my personal goodwill and got the games to Hyderabad. In fact, we got two matches in four months. The board is giving money to the association, just because of me. If I speak to the board officials, HCA will not get any matches,” he said and added, “The board will not release funds if they are not satisfied with the accounts.”
“These people are power hungry and because they are out of power, they are troubling the association. The apex council members created problems for themselves. How can they suspend me? I had not suspended them. I am only defending myself.
“They wanted me to run the association the way they wanted to. It is not possible. I had never interfered when they were in power. Why should they interfere with my way of administration? I have only been trying to clear up all the mess left by them. I am not interested in a club as I can get into administration without owning a club,” he added.
“These people should now be worried about their clubs. Why can’t someone from the district or a single voter become the president or secretary? They cannot in the present set up as these people have formed a coterie and are ruling the roost. Multiple clubs are the bane of HCA.
“They are the ones who have misbehaved in the AGM. Did I put any case against anyone? They are the ones who have gone to court,” he said.
Azhar said that Shivlal, Arshad and some others had illegally taken over clubs. “The clubs have changed hands several times and the old names have disappeared. They have stolen the municipal clubs. Shivlal has taken over Ranga Reddy district club and the club officials have filed a case against him. Arshad had stolen the diary development team. Where is the register? They do not want to give the Master register as their misdeeds will be exposed,” he said.
“I have all the details about the clubs etc. I gave everything to the supervisory committee, which did an excellent job of finding out the mistakes in the association – especially with the electoral roll. I was trying to clear things up and what is wrong with that. When I brought in an ombudsman to resolve the various issues plaguing the HCA, these people opposed it and went on a vilified campaign against me,” Azhar said.
“People are speaking about the leagues etc. It is nothing but an eyewash. What has John done for cricket? These people, in fact, are responsible for the dilution of the league. They should be ashamed of what they have done and not speak about me. They should shut up.
“In fact, I have gone out of my way to help cricketers. I was attending the net sessions, speaking with the players, and coaching them too. Has any president done this before? They are only interested in power and money. I am a cricketer and feel it is my responsibility to help the players,” he added.
“I am not a dictator. I was running the administration in the best possible manner. The Supreme Court had given me the responsibility to sign the cheques and run the association, hence I had continued beyond the tenure,” Azhar said.

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