Hockey World Cup Diary: Nothing can ‘trip’ up the indomitable Anupam Ghulati | Hockey News – Times of India

BHUBANESWAR: Like the crossovers, Anupam Ghulati — the hockey expert, historian and broadcaster rolled into one — walked into the Kalinga Stadium complex on Friday. It was the day of the World Cup semifinals, and the 68-year-old was struggling to hide his evergreen excitement behind his characteristically calm demeanour. But to his dismay on the day, the way to the All India Radio commentary box required a detour.
Pacing towards the media tribune, Mr. Ghulati was perhaps pulling out some statistical figures in his mind from his wealthy experience of almost 50 years of covering India’s Olympic sports. That’s when he stubbed his toe against something and fell face down.
The fall resulted in gravel rash and abrasions on his face and hands besides a slight side strain, but fortunately no serious bony injuries.
For immediate attention, he was helped to the stadium’s medical room, where Dr. BK Nayak, who also heads the FIH Health and Safety Committee, examined Mr. Ghulati and gave him a shot of tetanus.
But the noise of fans from inside the stadium and another stint behind the microphone that was waiting was reason enough for Mr. Ghulati to feel better and ready to move out of the medical facility.
In the next half an hour or so, the indomitable figure of Indian hockey was once again behind the microphone, carefully analyzing the game and painting a picture for his audience with his words, just like he has done since his days as a 22-year-old Indian commentator at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

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