Jumping over fence, sneaking through bushes: David Beckham’s action movie exit on son Romeo’s Brentford B debut

Romeo Beckham made his debut for Brentford B team, coming on as a substitute in a 3-2 win against Erith & Belvedere on Tuesday.

Among the 550 odd in attendance at the Park View Road was his father, one David Beckham. The former England and Manchester United star midfielder came dressed in a navy waterproof jacket, hooded up, but was quickly recognised and mobbed by the crowd for selfie and autograph requests.

The 47-year-old was eventually forced to leave the venue, but not via the official exit gate. With crowd surrounding him, Beckham hopped the fence behind one of the stands and sneaked past bushes to make an exit.

Romeo, 20, had earlier this year secured a loan deal to the Premier League club Brentford from Inter Miami II, the reserve side US Major League Soccer club owned by his father. His first appearance for the B team saw him involved in a couple of link up plays including a dangerous looking cross from the right that was missed out on.

The right sided midfielder, a position his father favored most during his playing days, came on loan to Brentford after making 20 appearances for Inter Miami II.

“I came here at the start to keep fit during the off season,” Romeo had said after completing the move. “The chance then came to come on loan here and I’ve never been so excited. It was a fun season [in the USA] and there were a lot of ups and downs. If you look at Brentford as a club, it’s very positive and it’s a club that is on the rise very quickly.”

On the deal, Brentford B head coach Neil MacFarlane had said, “I love his standards and the way he conducts himself on and off the pitch. He’s been able to get fitter and fitter during his time with us and it leaves him in a good place to now step forward having joined us on loan.”

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