“That’s your opinion … yes I am satisfied!” Shaun Tait, Pakistan’s bowling coach, in a terse interaction with a reporter


There were a couple of terse moments between Shaun Tait, Pakistan’s bowling coach, and journalists at the end of day 4 of the second Test between Pakistan and New Zealand.

First the question from a senior journalist: “Poor performance by Pakistan fast bowlers in the 5 Tests in home series. How can you justify their performance?”

Tait replied: “That’s your opinion”.

It sprung up again at the end of the media interaction: “It’s not the opinion of Majid Bhatti (the senior journalist who asked the earlier question) but an opinion of entire Pakistan nation that Pakistan did not bowl well – I am talking about fast bowlers. I am asking you are you satisfied by your performance as bowling coach?”

Tait’s answer was framed thus: “You are answering your question before you ask it. You are saying that’s your opinion. You are saying performances have been poor – okay, that’s your opinion! What do you want me to say? Ask me the question”.

The journalist presumably (audio is inaudible) repeated the last part of the question whether Tait was satisfied with his performance as bowling coach.

Tait replied, “Yes, I am satisfied!” And he smiled, got up, and left.

Another question earlier was about the managing of the work load of the fast bowlers and Tait agreed: “I don’t think playing all formats consistently – that just can’t happen. There is too much cricket. Obviously we are aware of that. Management of fast bowlers will be critical.”

New Zealand made 449, restricted Pakistan to 408 before declaring their second innings at 277 for 5 to leave Pakistan 321 to win. Pakistan were 0 for 2, and need 319 on the final day.


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