Watch: Does Labuschagne wish to smoke on field?! Why does he signal for a lighter to be brought out?

In hilarious set of circumstances, Australia’s Marnus Labuschagne gestured to the dressing room as if he were smoking, doing the visual of putting a cigarette in his lips. He then flicked his thumb up and down, like pressing a lighter. Somehow, his team-mates understood it and brought him a lighter. But why did he want a lighter?

For some running repairs on his helmet, as it turned out. There was some issue with the lining, presumably, and he actually lit up the lighter and scorched the lining.

“May be there is some material on the underside. Maybe there is some fraying on it, he wants to burn that fraying material, I am not sure!” Michael Hussey said on air.

“He is asking for cigarette lighter I presume; he doesn’t want a quick dart in the break!” Said a fellow commentator to laughter.

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