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MELBOURNE: Australian great Greg Chappell believes technology, specially artificial intelligence, will make cricket “slicker” and “unpredictable”, changing how it is practiced, played and consumed in the future.
The former Australian captain feels drones, robots, AI, virtual reality — all these will become common and bring huge change in the game.
“The widespread adoption of diverse technologies will make cricket less staid, more unpredictable,” he wrote in a column for ‘Sydney Morning Herald’.
“Technology has already had a huge impact on the game, with the introduction of Hawk-Eye, Hot Spot and Snicko helping to improve the accuracy of umpiring decisions. 4K and 5K cameras will make umpiring even more precise.”
“T20 cricket has hastened the use of technology and the extensive analysis of players, both for and against, is already happening in the IPL. Test cricket will adopt these practices and become slicker and more exciting.”
The 74-year-old feels while it is scary the change is necessary to remain relevant as “drones and robots will be commonplace.”
“Drones will monitor the playing field to provide real-time analysis. Robots will be widely used, not merely in training sessions, but to replicate the skills and variations of opposition batters and bowlers.
“Virtual reality will also be used to improve the game. This technology will allow players to practice in a virtual environment, to hone their skills without having to be on the field.
“This will help players become better, reduce injuries and lead to the development of new strategies and tactics.”
Talking about the use of artificial intelligence, Chappell wrote: “The use of artificial intelligence will be the major game-changer. AI will analyse player-performance and it will offer immediate feedback.
“AI will also create accurate simulations of match conditions providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each player and team.”
The former India coach also feels virtual reality will change how fans engage with the sport.
“Cricket spectators of the future will be able to use enhanced and virtual reality technology to compare themselves with their heroes.
“For instance, they will want to compare their bat-speed with that of the Virat Kohli of the 2040s or their bowling skills with that of the Dennis Lillee of the time. No more arguments about the merits and greatness of a Trumper, Warne or Tendulkar!”
The former batter feels “equipment used in cricket will also evolve”.
“Technology will transform the quality of the bats and balls. The bats will become lighter and stronger, whilst the balls will be more aerodynamic, allowing them to move faster and swing more without the need of illegal substances.
“3D printing will create custom bats and balls for players, allowing them to tailor gear unique to them. Dennis Lillee’s ComBat aluminium bat was before its time! Traditional equipment makers could go the way of the unicorn.”
Chappell feels “technology in-stadia will improve the fan experience with each seat conceivably able to choose camera angles and follow individual player movements.”
“The use of artificial turf will be commonplace in the next 20 years as it has a number of advantages over natural grass, such as being more durable and requiring less maintenance.
“This will allow cricket to be played in more places and at different times of the year.”

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