Watch: Stefanos Tsitsipas’ insane court coverage to secure a point at United Cup

Stefanos Tsitsipas put on quite the show at the 2023 United Cup court by covering an insane amount of court against David Goffin to defend and eventually secure a point during a third set tiebreak.

The Greek international moved from a return near net to another all the way beyond the advertising board, successfully returning back and eventually securing a point.

“I mean talk about athleticism,” stated the commentator on air.

The Greek international went on to win the game 6-3, 6-2 at the RAC Arena in Perth. Speaking after the game Tsitsipas, “I stayed calm, I stayed well composed,”

“In these moments, you have just got to stay in the moment. You cannot start predicting or thinking about the future. I managed that extremely well. I was able to serve big first serves. I didn’t let myself get back on defence, very rarely, and these moments define me.” the 24-year-old added.

In addition to this, Tsitsipas had also registered a win his doubles game with Maria Sakkari over Viktoriya Tomova in Perth.

“As Team Greece, I think we have never been stronger,” Tsitsipas said.

“We have a lineup of great players. We are extremely collaborative between each other. I think that is something that will give us big chances this year to start this first edition of the United Cup, and be part of history in a way.”

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