‘The one thing he shouldn’t do is…’: Kumar Sangakkara has a word of caution for Sanju Samson

Rajasthan Royals (RR) head coach and Director of Cricket Kumar Sangakkara believes that Sanju Samson, who has been added to the India team for the T20I series against Sri Lanka needs to remain calm and not be “desperate.”

Sangakkara also said that Samson needs to do justice to his talent when the series begins on January 3.

Talking to Star Sports on their show ‘A Chat with Champions’ Sangakara said, “He’s got to keep things simple, just concentrate on batting. The IPL is one thing, playing for India is another. What you got to concentrate on, as Sanju Samson in the Indian side, is understanding what your job is. When you go out, make sure you’re relaxed, you have the clarity about how you’re going to play your role,” said Sangakkara.

Talking about his Samson’s batting position, Sangakara said, “He might have to bat outside position depending on where they want him to fit in. Whether he’s batting at the top or lower-middle order at 5 and 6, he’s got the game, the power, the touch, the placement and the mentality to do really well.”

“The one thing he shouldn’t do is think that this is his final chance to prove his mettle and try and be desperate to succeed. He’s got every single thing going for him. He’s a wonderful young man, he’s got skills and temperament. Let it settle, don’t fight it, make sure you’re adjusting to what comes at you on the day. And then, go out there and enjoy the way he plays.” Sangakara adviced.

Stating that Samson needs to do justice to his exceptional skill-set, the former Sri Lankan wicketkeeper said, “You can still enjoy your cricket irrespective of your results as long as you play well. As long as you play the level of skill that you have. And that’s absolute truism when it comes to Sanju. If he can play at the level of skill that he has, he’s going to enjoy his cricket. It’s a wonderful opportunity for him and the fans who can see what thing young man can do, because he’s a very special talent.”


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