‘Vulgar Clown’, ‘Stupid’: Patrick Vieira and Souness blast Emiliano Martinez, Argentina’s goalkeeper

Condemnation keeps coming for the Golden Glove winning Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martinez for his reactions after winning the world cup. It was two-pronged: trolling Kylian Mbappe and a lewd gesture just after he received the Golden Glove trophy.

The Scottish player Graeme Souness has reserved his ire for that gesture. Martinez placed the trophy, a giant gold hand, to his groin before emphatically waving it up above his head during the post-match celebrations.

“I can accept those antics, up to a point. But what we should be talking more about is the rude gesture he made after collecting his trophy for best goalkeeper of the tournament.”

“Are there really people who find something like that funny? Martinez embarrassed himself and embarrassed his country. He looked like a vulgar clown. If that’s what he wants to be remembered for, god help us all.

“I like him as a goalkeeper, in Argentina and at Aston Villa. But that he thinks what he did was appropriate is unbelievable. I don’t understand why he decided to do that in front of everyone’s eyes […] What respect does he show for his hosts? Even for himself? Maybe he doesn’t care. Well, he should. He won’t be so proud in the years to come. Unfortunately, that image is now part of the history of the final.”

The other antics involved Mbappe. Immediately after winning the world cup, he first went and consoled Mbappe on the field. Later, at the locker room, the Argentina players danced around the dressing room after their triumph and they were all heard singing “a minute’s silence for” in tandem, before leaving a gap for goalkeeper Martinez to shout: “For Mbappe who is dead!

“This in a way detracts from Argentina’s success,” said Patrick Vieira, who won the 1998 World Cup with France and is the manager of Crystal Palace.

“I don’t think they really needed that. You sometimes can’t control people’s emotional decisions. But that was a stupid decision, I think, from Martinez to do that. I was really disappointed.”

An official complaint was also launched by France against Argentina’s Emiliano Martinez for brutally trolling Kylian Mbappe post the final between Argentina and France. Martinez also held the Mbappe doll aloft while standing next to Mbappe’s PSG team-mate Messi during the epic bus-ride celebrations in Buenos Aires.

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