‘This is going too far’: French FA president files complaint against Argentina’s Emiliano Martinez for trolling Kylian Mbappe

An official complaint has been launched by France against Argentina’s Emiliano Martinez for brutally trolling Kylian Mbappe post the final between Argentina and France.

Noel Le Graet, president of the French FA wrote a formal letter of complaint and said Martinez’s actions have gone ‘too far’

“I wrote to my counterpart from the Argentine Federation, I find these excesses abnormal, in the context of a sports competition, and I find it difficult to understand,” he said.

“This is going too far. Mbappe’s behaviour has been exemplary.”

“I thought it was a pretty despicable thing to do (throwing the ball away). I can understand the mind games and heat of the moment you do whatever it takes.

“But I thought that was totally unnecessary. If you’re Tchouameni walking past Martinez (in the guard of honour) you probably feel like biffing him one.

“I didn’t like that at all but I can understand Martinez in that moment trying to win a World Cup.

“But he didn’t just chuck it a couple of yards away, he launched it 15, 20 yards away. I really felt for Tchouameni in that moment.

“That wasn’t on. It would have been interesting if Martinez had been booked for that because he got one on the next penalty.”

Meanwhile, French sports minister Amelie Oudea-Castera also condemned Emiliano Martinez’s actions and said she may contact her Argentine counterpart over the “vulgar” taunting of France forward Kylian Mbappe by some Argentina fans in Buenos Aires as they celebrated the return of the World Cup winners.

“I am not ruling out discussing this with my counterpart,” she said, adding that France’s soccer body had also written to Claudio Tapia, president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), over the affair.

“I find all of this quite pitiful,” she added.

Emiliano Martinez mocked Kylian Mbappe during Argentina’s trophy parade by holding a baby doll with the French star’s face on it.

To make matters worse, Martinez in fact held the Mbappe doll aloft while standing next to the 24-year-old’s PSG team-mate Lionel Messi as the pair celebrated Argentina’s penalty shootout win against France.

Earlier during the dressing room celebration too, the Argentina players danced around the dressing room after their triumph and they were all heard singing “a minute’s silence for” in tandem, before leaving a gap for goalkeeper Martinez to shout: “For Mbappe who is dead!”

The beef between Martinez and Mbappé can be traced back to before the World Cup even began. Mbappé said that European nations had an advantage at the World Cup because the quality of football in Europe is higher than in other areas around the world.

Martinez had also caused a stir with his celebrations after winning the Golden Glove award.

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