I think I just ran out of gas: Auctioneer Hugh Edmeades talks about his fall during the IPL Mega Auction

Auctioneer Hugh Edmeades who collapsed on stage during the 2022 IPL Mega auction, is back to head the IPL mini auction in Kochi on Friday, a Twitter post shared by the Indian Premier League revealed.

In the post titled, “Hugh Edmeades is READY – ARE YOU?”, Edmeades talks about what happened on that day in Bengaluru. “My fall came totally out of the blue in Bengaluru. In 2,700 auctions I have never fallen off the stage in my life. I am fine now, no recurrence. I think I was just physically unprepared. Not enough sleep, not enough food. I think I just ran out of gas. I felt it coming on and I thought I would have a break after I have sold Hasaranga but the next thing I knew I was being picked off the floor. That was unexpected. Touching wood, I am very fit, thank you,” he said in the video.

After Edmeades had collapsed, Charu Sharma, the veteran commentator and presenter took over the reins of the auction for the rest of Day 1 before Edmeades returned in the tail end of the 2nd day and finished selling the remaining players.

Edmeades, a London resident, has a 36-year-long career as an auctioneer. In 2018, the BCCI appointed him for the IPL auctions, replacing Richard Madley.

A total of 405 cricketers will compete to fill 87 slots in the 10 franchises at the 2023 auction. For the first time, the BCCI has permitted live video-conferencing between team management staff from the auction table. Teams are allowed a budget of Rs 95 crore before retention.

The IPL auction will take place in Kochi with all-rounders like Stokes and Australia’s Cameron Green, among others, expected to make big bucks with several teams hoping to bid big on them.

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