Argentinian fans mock Mbappe by burning coffin with his picture on it

Not just Emiliano Martinez who has been trolling France Kylian Mbappe with his songs in change room and during the celebratory bus ride in Buenos Aires, but it turns out that the Argentinian fans too have had their version.

A viral video shared on social media showed a group of fans holding up a coffin which contained a cross and a picture of Mbappe. It was set alight as fans jumped up and down and chanted.

The clip was posted by Get French Football news, with the caption: “Argentinians with a lovely 24th birthday present for Kylian Mbappé here.”

2018 France celebrations videos dug up with Messi reference

Argentina’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has been getting stick from some quarters for his celebrations mocking Mbappe. He first trolled Mbappe after the game in the change room by asking his teammates to have a “minute’s silence” for Mbappe. Later during the celebratory bus ride in Buenos Aires, he was seen standing next to Messi, clutching a baby toy with Mbappe’s face.

Piers Morgan didn’t waste time taking a dig at Messi for his silence. “Why is Messi letting Martinez mock & humiliate Mbappe like this? They’re teammates at PSG, just so weird & graceless,” he tweeted.

Martinez’s fans then jumped in to unearth an old video of France’s celebrations after they won the 2018 world cup.

France players were singing their song about N’Golo Kante, the defender who successfully marked Messi in their game against Argentina.

It has a line referring to Kante “stopping” Messi. Translated, the song says, “He’s little, he’s sweet, he stopped Leo Messi”.

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