UK fans guzzle booze worth 50 million pounds on the day England faced France

While England suffered their seventh quarter-final loss in a World Cup during the 1-2 loss against defending champions France on Friday night in Qatar, punters and football fans in England spent close to 350 million pounds in pubs across the country watching the match.

According to research firm GlobalData, nearly 30,000 pubs in the country saw beer sales rocket by more than 50 percent on the country’s heaviest drinking day since December 2019.

According to the data firm, more than 23 million people in England watched the Harry Kane team fae against defending champion France. It was the biggest TV sports audience in the country since last year’s Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.

According to The British Beer and Pub Association, the 7pm GST time kick-off meant that more punters and fans headed to the pubs to watch the match.

Earlier last month, GlobalData had found in a report that the average weekly wages for a British citizen bought a British fan eight pints during a 90-minute long football match, September 2022 had seen fans only able to buy seven and half pints of beer with the weekly wage.

Another analysis published by GlobalData had projected the total sales in UK Sales in retail and hospitality from the World Cup to be under two billion pounds if England reached the quarter-final in Qatar. The projected sales were 43 percent less than the dales during last year’s Euro Championships and 17 percent lower than the 2018 World Cup.

According to an analysis by Oxford Partnership, a market intelligence provider in the UK, a total of 9.2 million pints of beer were sold on November 29, the day England faced Wales and it was a rise of 84 percent as compared to the same day of the week in four previous weeks.

“There’s no doubt that in the run-up to Christmas, without the World Cup, pubs would be really struggling. So it makes a big difference,” Margot West, COO, Oxford partnership had shared earlier.

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