T20 World Cup 2022: How can Pakistan make it to the semifinals after the win over South Africa

Pakistan has beaten South Africa today by 33 runs at SCG in Sydney. The men in green have kept their chances to qualify for the semifinals alive.

How can they qualify?

South Africa lose to the Netherlands

If South Africa loses to the Dutch at the Adelaide Oval, Pakistan has to win their game against Bangladesh at the same venue later that day. In that case, Pakistan will go through to the semi-finals as South Africa would be on five points and Pakistan will get to six points.

South Africa beats the Netherlands and India loses to Zimbabwe

If South Africa beats the Netherlands, India loses to Zimbabwe at MCG and Pakistan manages to beat Bangladesh, Babar Azam and co. can get through to the semifinals as their NRR (+1.117) is better than India’s (+0.730). If the above happens, both teams will end up with six points each and South Africa will top the table with seven.

South Africa vs Netherlands- No result

If the South Africa-Netherlands match game gets washed out due to rain, Pakistan will qualify for the semi-finals if they beat Bangladesh. South Africa would have six points owing to two wins and two no results while Pakistan will have six points courtesy of their three wins.

However, if India’s game is to get washed out, it will directly affect Pakistan’s chance as the men in blue would get to seven points, so will South Africa while Pakistan will be stuck at six.

In every possible scenario, Pakistan has to beat Bangladesh to have a chance at progressing through to the semifinals.

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