‘He took his wind out’: Waqar Younis shares the incident of Shahid Afridi shaking hands with an Indian minister

In the talks of cricket’s biggest hitters, the name of Shahid Afridi inevitably drops in. The former Pakistan all-rounder’s strength to whack big hits was natural. As is evident from a recent story narrated by Waqar Younis.

Speaking on A Sports, the former Pakistan quick shared, “When he first arrived at the scene, he was only 15-16 years of age. And a very strong 15-16 years of age. When I first shook hands with him….he’d make you sweat because he’d squeeze it too hard. Which is why I think he used to hit those big sixes.”

“Haan wo haath hi todd deta tha yaar (He’d break your hands),” Wasim Akram chipped in the chat.

Waqar further added, “We were on India tour. I remember the name of one of the ministers but I won’t take the name. He came to welcome us and we were all sitting, so as he came, we stood up. He met everyone, his entire delegation had come. Afridi being a junior then, stood at the end to meet him. Everyone was shaking hands with him softly, since he was an elderly minister. Afridi said to me, ‘watch’.”

“Took his wind out,” Akram said with a chuckle.

Waqar then stood up and enacted the minister’s reaction to Afridi shaking hands with him by stooping down with his hand on the table, visibly in pain.

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