‘Poor Body language is a virus’ : Misbah-ul-Haq advices Pakistan players

It was a question from a fan who had included the names of players he felt showed poor body language on field when out of form. The names taken were Shaan Masood, Haider Ali, Khushdil Shah, Iftikhar Ahmed, Asif Ali, and Mohammad Hasnain.

Misbah-ul-Haq didn’t take the names of the players but addressed how a lack of positive body language affects the entire team.

Body language is the most important thing. If it isn’t good, the effect is not good. When the opposition team sees it, they immediately know what’s the frame of mind you are in. Secondly, even if one’s body language goes down, it affects the rest of the players. They all go down,” Misbah said during a discussion on A Sports.

“It’s the responsibility of each player to maintain a good body language and encourage and push each other. “Yadi aap so gayen hai (if you sleep) and think that “Mein aaraam sey ghuzaar loon time, (I shall slouch away my time), it’s like a virus. It affects the entire team,” Misbah said.

Shoaib Malik jumped in to add the message to middle order, who have been under pressure. Many former players and fans had even wanted him to be part of that line-up but the selectors hadn’t concurred.

“All the preparation has been done. All the games and series are done. This is a new chapter, a big platform. Forget the past. All of you are good, you are all skilful and enjoy the moment.”

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