Pro Kabaddi League: Deshwal, Ajith help Jaipur Pink Panthers thrash Bengal Warriors | Pro-Kabaddi-League News – Times of India

BENGALURU: Arjun Deshwal and V Ajith put up a good show as Jaipur Pink Panthers continued their fantastic run, beating Bengal Warriors 39-24 in the Pro Kabaddi League on Tuesday.
Arjun recorded another Super 10 in the competition as Panthers registered their fourth successive victory.
While raiders Arjun and Ajith stood up for Jaipur, Deepak Hooda and Shrikant Jadhav kept picking up raid points for the Bengal Warriors in the first few minutes of the match.
However, the Panthers stepped on the pedal and gained a three-point lead at 10-7 in the 13th minute. Moments later, Ajith reduced the Warriors to two players on the mat.
The Panthers tackled Hooda in the 14th minute to inflict the first ALL OUT of the match. Soon after, Jaipur caught Maninder Singh and led comfortably at 16-9. The Panthers held an eight-point lead at 20-12 at the end of the first half.
The Warriors showed more urgency in the second half through a raid by Shrikant Jadhav and a tackle by Shubham Shinde, but Arjun kept effecting raids to ensure that his team keeps extending its lead.
Raider Bhavani Rajput also joined the party as the Panthers attained a massive lead at 25-16.
Jaipur Captain Sunil Kumar tackled Jadhav in the 31st minute as the Panthers inflicted another ALL OUT. Arjun kept raging on as the Jaipur side eventually closed out a comprehensive victory.

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