Can’t remain administrator forever: Sourav Ganguly

After remaining silent for a couple of days after his tenure as BCCI president was not renewed, former India skipper Sourav Ganguly responded by saying he “can’t be an administrator forever”.

As Ganguly’s term as BCCI president comes to an end, political parties in West Bengal are alleging foul play by the BJP. Pointing to how Ganguly had been courted by the BJP ahead of the 2021 Assembly elections, they have alleged that the former India skipper was paying the price for saying no to the BJP.

Roger Binny, a member of the 1983 World Cup-winning Indian team, filed his nomination for the post of BCCI president on Tuesday and is set to get the top job unopposed when the Board holds its Annual General Meeting on October 18.

It is believed that Ganguly was keen on continuing as BCCI president, or become ICC chairman if that wasn’t the case, that was not to be.

While various political parties didn’t mince words over the developments in the BCCI, Ganguly had maintained his silence till now. On Thursday, at a Bandhan Bank event, he did not react to the alleged political angle but said, “You can’t play forever. You can’t be an administrator forever, but it’s been fun doing both and seeing both sides of the coin. I will go for bigger things in future.”

I was a cricketer’s administrator. Yes, you had to make decisions because there’s so much cricket happening, there’s so much money around. There’s women’s cricket, there’s domestic cricket. Yes, you had to take calls at times as an individual,” Ganguly added.

He also turned philosophical about his life in the limelight on and off the field.

Life, achievements and progress are about small goals. You don’t become a Sachin Tendulkar or an Ambani or Narendra Modi in one day. You have to spend your life, time, days, weeks, months working towards it. That’s the key to success. If you decide that this is my job, this is my life, give everything you have for the rest of your life to be the best.”

Reflecting on his time in cricket administration, Ganguly said: “I did eight years of administration. I was president of the Cricket Association of Bengal, then became president of the BCCI. All these have tenures and you have to go after finishing it. But I feel the challenge as a cricketer was a lot more. When you do backroom work, sitting on tables and running the game, you have time to correct things.”

But if you nicked a delivery from Glenn McGrath on the first morning of a Test, you are out, you didn’t have the time to correct it – I think that’s the major difference. But when you do administration, you realise that you contribute so much, you could make things better for a cricketer, and me being a player who played for a long period of time, I understood that.”

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