AUS vs ENG: Jos Buttler explains why ENG opted not to appeal for obstruction against Matthew Wade

Australia batter Matthew Wade was spared from being declared out due to obstruction of the field at the new Optus Stadium in Perth against England on Sunday.

The incident happened in the third ball of the 17th over of Australia’s chase of 209 when England pacer Mark Wood bowled a shortish delivery and Wade subsequently top-edged it.

However, as the ball went straight up – both the bowler and the keeper came rushing forward to grab it. But Wood was blocked by Wade.

The question was did he do so purposely? Replays showed his left arm coming across in front of Wood’s face, thus rendering him helpless.

The ball could have also rolled back onto the stumps as well.

The umpires got together and had a chat but decided to let it pass and did not comply with the obstructing field rule.

After the match, England captain Jos Buttler spoke on Wade’s obstruction incident and said: “I wasn’t sure what happened. They asked if I wanted to appeal, and I thought, ‘We’re here for a long time in Australia.’

“I would be a risky one to go for so early in the trip.”

The incident once again brought up the use of cricket’s laws into question as when they should be used.

Law on obstruction of field.

Meanwhile, the decision did not prove costly for England, as Wade departed soon after and England sealed a win by eight runs.

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