‘There’s no controversy’: Tabraiz Shamsi on Deepti Sharma-Charlotte Dean run out saga

“My views has been quite public. If bowlers have to keep their foot behind the line, batsmen should do the same as well,” Shamsi told reporters ahead of the first T20I against India in Thiruvananthapuram.

“Rules are there and I don’t see any controversy in it. Both sides should play fair,” he added.

The law covering it states that non-strikers are “liable to be run out” if they have left their ground before the bowler “would normally have been expected to release the ball.”

However, many believe it to be contrary to what is often referred to as the spirit of cricket, the preamble to the laws of the game that advocates a notion of fair play but is open to interpretation.

The Marylebone Cricket Club, the Lord-based club regarded as the guardian of the laws of cricket, got involved to say the game was “properly officiated.”

“MCC’s message to non-strikers continues to be to remain in their ground until they have seen the ball leave the bowler’s hand,” it said in a statement.

The MCC announced this year that the regulation concerning this form of dismissal would be moved from the unfair play section of the laws to the run-out section.

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