Asia Cup 2022: Umpires step in to help ‘confused’ teams about over rate | Cricket News – Times of India

DUBAI: Fielding restrictions in the death overs for not meeting the ICC’s set over rate has hurt teams in this Asia Cup. This is the first time the new regulation has had an impact on a marquee tournament.
While the teams have been working hard to finish the overs on time, the on-field umpires had to push them as the teams were not clear about how the overs were being clocked.
The big screen here has been displaying how many minutes were remaining to start the final over and it also indicates if the bowling team is lagging behind. But here is the confusion.
“The clock jumps when there is a cumulative two-minute delay. The teams were not clear about it. They would think there are on time or even ahead. But all of a sudden, they realise they are behind. The umpires had to keep reminding the fielders and pushing them during the first half of the tournament,” a source told TOI.
According to the rule, If the fielding team fails to start the final over by the stipulated time, they will be docked one fielder from outside the 30-yard circle. So for the remainder of the innings, they will be allowed four, instead of five, fielders outside the 30-yard circle. The fielding team needs to start the 20th over by the 85th minute.

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