I dedicate the 71st hundred to my wife Anushka Sharma and daughter Vamika” : Virat Kohli says after smashing 122 against Afghanistan

I was a bit shocked. This format Is where I least expected to get a hundred”: Virat Kohli says after smashing 122 against Pakistan.

What did he say?

I feel blessed , grateful. The last two-and-half years have taught me a lot. I am going to turn 34 soon. Celebrations are all from the past. It’s very special for me.

On thoughts running through his mind during celebration

It was an accumulation of lots of things. People in the team have been open, welcoming and given space for me. There was lot of things happening on outside.

Dedicates his hundred to his wife Anushka

This hundred is dedicated to Anushka who stood by me all through and to daughter Vamika as well.
When you have someone next to me, putting things in right perspective, like Anushka who was with me all the side.

On his attitude after coming back from a break

I wasn’t desperate when I came back. I was grateful for what god has given me in the past. The break was a blessing, I wanted to be the best version of me for my team. When I came back and batted in the nets, I could feel the old touch was coming.

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