Watch: US Open beer chugging fan returns, video goes viral again

Beer chugging US Open fan girl, who had gone viral in the last edition of the tournament, is back again. American woman Megan Lucky’s video is viral all over again after she proceeded to chug a beer while getting a standing ovation from the rest of the crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium during a US Open game on Friday night.

The live TV cameras zoomed in on her and she took no time seizing the moment. She quickly took her partner’s beer and put it away like it was nothing. The act was live on the big screens at the Court. She got massive applause from the crowd and on social media.

Taking note of the incident, the US Open official Twitter handle shared the video on Sunday, “It seems this is becoming tradition at this point.”

She first became a social media sensation at the 2021 US Open for skolling a beer unprompted when the TV cameras found her watching the tennis last year. The young lady has turned her US Open fame into a pretty large social media following. She posted some photos from the US Open on her Instagram.

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