Babar Azam: “Paanch (5) fielders aa gaya bhai.” “Dua kar! Dua kar (Pray),” Shadab Khan tells Naseem Shah and Mohammad Hasnain. Watch the final tense moments in Pakistan dressing room

“Dua kar! Dua kar (Pray),” Shadab Khan tells Naseem Shah and Mohammad Hasnain. Babar Azam shouts out, “Paanch (five) fielders aa gaya bhai), referring to the fielding restriction forced on India for the final stages due to delay in finishing overs.

Babar also instructs Shadab to sit down after every ball, Mohammad Rizwan keeps peeping in from the balcony to chat.

Tense scenes in the final minutes in Pakistan’s dressing room were tweeted out by the Pakistan cricket board. Some like Babar Azam are standing. Some like Shadab are sitting, and urging everyone to pray. Mohammad Rizwan, who made 71 but got out before the end, is on the balcony, but would keep peeping inside the dressing room to ask “kitna run hai?!” Or to predict to this team-mates.

Just after Asif Ali smashes a four in the final over, Rizwan says “is ball mey khatam! (It ends this ball)”. Then Asif falls. Shadab holds his head. Others pray. Hasnain slaps his thighs and goes, “s**t!”.

Shadab cries out again: “Dua maangni padegi” (Got to pray)

Then the winning hit comes and joy erupts. Shadab, who is probably next to bat, goes berserk. Smiles all around. Everyone hugs each other and as ever, Rizwan keeps chattering.

It had come down to 26 from the final two overs but Asif Ali looted Bhubaneshwar Kumar for 19 runs to effectively seal the game. His wicket in the final over offered a twist, sending emotions high in the Pakistan dressing room, but they get over the line next ball.

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